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Jl. Raya Sukabumi Km. 17
Phone: 0251 - 8222111, 8220608
Fax: 0251 - 8220813
Bogor - Jawa Barat

Website : /www.thekinasihresort.com

More Information:

Jakarta Sales Aminta Plaza, Jl. TB. Simatupang Kav. 10 Jakarta Selatan Phone : 021 - 75909438, 7511980

Kinasih Resort consists of four cottages and three House inn, each room is divided into several types such as Superior, Standard, and Vip. With the number of rooms with a capacity of 226 760 people.

4 cottages in kinasih Resort named Ekaprana, Dwitya, Tridatu, Masawangan, and Maesaan, Every Cottage has two bedrooms, and four bedrooms, equipped with hot water and cold water, kitchenette, minibar, and dispensers. The interior of this cottage cottage design resembles a traditional house in Manado,

And other facilities that exist in Kinasih resorts include: 12 conference halls with a capacity of 30 people to 1500 people, equipped with standard facilities such as LCD infocus, Screen, Flip Chart, Audio Visual System, White Board, Note pad, pen and all meeting rooms Airconditioned, Restaurant, Pastry & lesehan, dinning Room on each of each building with a capacity of rooms from 30-250 people, while for a standing party can accommodate 500 people, two swimming pools comprises a swimming pool for children - children with a depth of 60 cm with an area of 4 M x 8 M and a swimming pool for adults with a depth of 1 meter to 2.5 meters with an area of 14 M x 34 M. A vast camping ground which consists of rare plants, grasslands, pine forests with views of Mount Salak and deer that are diarea around. Camping ground in the area could be used for activities: Outbound, Camping, family gathering event (one day event) which can accommodate 3000 people. And the Flying Fox, Flying jump, rope hi Circuit, V-ropes, Climbing Wall. Horse riding range and facilities.


30 kamar, Air panas, Restoran, Ruang Rapat, Parkir luas Pemandangan indah ke Gunung Salak

3 km ke Danau Lido, 3 km ke Warso Farm, 1 km ke Cimande (urut tradisional)

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