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Erema village
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Erema village

Jl. Surya Kencana, Cisarua
Phone: 0251 - 253520
Fax: 0251-257461
Bogor - Jawa Barat

Email : adm@eremavillage.com
Website : www.eremavillage.com

More Information:

Reservasi: 021-6909139, 6927977

Erema Village is located two kilometers before the Safari Park.
At the Resort Village Erema available several Bungalows, complex inn with a private bathroom.
With the surrounding mountain scenery and atmosphere, as well as clean air and cool, making Erema Village suitable place for vacation or recreation.

With an area of the location of more than two hectares and sufficient lodging capacity for 200 guests, Erema Village has a Public Facilities and Special Facilities are quite complete and Type of House / rooms which vary, among others:
- House Exclusive
- House of Wood
- House Meeting
- House Joglo Down
- House Tower
- House Joglo Top
- House Swimming

Facilities available include:
Swimming Pool, Golf Tennis, Ping-Pong table, Basket Ball, TV, Barbeque and Restaurant.Ruang Meeting of indoor and outdoor, Spa Hot Water, Fishing Pond in each bedroom, is served hot / warm shower. Karaoke in the room and the restaurant. Guests can visit the vegetable garden and interact with goats.


Bungalow & Recreation, Hot Water Spa, Tennis Court, Bilyard,

Swimming Pool, Fishing Pond Conference Room, Karaoke Room

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