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Villa Amanda Ratu
: 2010-06-23 15:40:33   : 3219 total view   : 0 comments   [+] leave comment
Villa Amanda Ratu
Jl.Raya Surade Ujung Genteng Desa Purwasedar
Kecamatan Ciracap
Phone: +62 266 - 6490219. 6492808
Sukabumi - Jawa Barat

Email : resort@amandaratu.com
Website : www.amandaratu.com

More Information:

Amanda Ratu Resort is located at the mouth of the river Cikarang district boundaries with the District Ciracap Surade. Erected on the land of Coconut Plantation of PT. Citespong Wira,

Amanda Ratu resorts provide lodging facilities in the form of the Villa and the Chamber, composed of three types, namely: Villa Marlin Villa mackerel, Sea Turtle Villa, with facilities Bedroom Sitting Room, Bathroom, TV, Small Fridge, Living Room, Extra Bed, Driver Room , Kitchen Living Room, Bath Room, TV 21 ", Small Refrigerator.

Other facilities provided such as Karoeke, convention hall, restaurant, parking area, a mosque, swimming pool, and Helli pad.

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