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Prasasti Ciaruten
: 2009-09-10 12:53:43   : 446 total view   : 0 comments   [+] leave comment
Prasasti Ciaruten

Terletak ditepi sungai Ciaruteun, ciampea
Bogor - Jawa Barat

More Information:

prehistoric relics such as Batu Tulis Ciaruteun. Located on the banks of the river border Ciaruteun ciampea and District Sub Cibungbulang. Batu Tulis on the location of this Ciaruteun also have other historical relics such as: Inscription Kebon Kopi I, who have elephant feet as a vehicle Airwata Purnawarman King, and the inscription Kebon Kopi II, which is located on the river and there written letter Pallawa Sanskrit. Ciaruteun inscription is one of the inscription from the king Purnawarman era, built in 450 AD the form of stone weighing over 8 tonnes of Tarumanegara kingdom in the 5th century AD. This inscription reads letters and speaking Palawa inscriptions have Sansakerta.Pada spider paintings and carved footprints on the writing. His reading consists of four lines written in a poem. The contents of the inscription Ciaruteun made of andesite stone is "srimarah purnavarmanah, tarumanagarendrasya, visnor iva padadvayam", which means "this (former) two feet like the feet of Lord Vishnu, is the glorious feet Purnawarman, in the village Taruma king, a king who the world's gallant as the sole god Vishnu " Batu Tulis Ciaruteun been recorded in West Java archeological reports in 1914. In early 2003, the inscription was moved to a building style that was joglo river Ciaruteun, ciampea village, Bogor.

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