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Puncak Lawang
: 2009-09-08 13:06:36   : 866 total view   : 0 comments   [+] leave comment
Puncak Lawang

Embun Pagi Matur Mudik
Agam - Sumatera Barat

More Information:

Puncak Lawang area developed as a location for Take Off Sports Aerospace paragliding (Paragliding). With a freely floating in the air and by land in Pterospermum, the edge of Lake Maninjau, from the air we can enjoy the beauty of the incomparable Lake Maninjau both Peak mace is one of the best places for paragliding sport in southeast asia, is situated at an altitude of 900 mdpl For those who like a challenge and cross country can walk down the slope toward Lake Maninjau or through the protected forest to the object or the Dew Tour back to the hotel. And our tour travels less complete if it did not try to enjoy the beauty of Lake Maninjau from the air by using Fly Tandem paragliding with local pilots are reliable and trained

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