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Kawasan Gunung Salak Endah (GSE)
: 2009-09-10 00:29:07   : 869 total view   : 0 comments   [+] leave comment
Kawasan Gunung Salak Endah (GSE)

Kecamatan Pamijahan
Bogor - Jawa Barat

More Information:

endah salak mountain area located in the western city of Bogor, Gunung Salak Endah is located around the foot of Mount Salak. Here there are many natural objects that could become tourist attractions, including: 1. Queen Crater Tour (wisata kawah ratu) Queen Crater in GSE area at an altitude of 1338 m above sea level, with temperatures ranging from 10-20 degrees C. This crater has a unique attraction for every visitor, with geological activity. Throughout the day was always boiling lava and natural gas out sulfate (H2S) with a distinctive smell, and the rumbling noise tekadang, due to a blast of hot water vapor to form fog. 2. Curug Seribu Curug curug thousand is the most beautiful and most attractive tourist area of Mount Salak Endah, location is approximately 7 km from Loka Purna. If we go to this curug will look beautiful scenery and natural and has its own appeal to the viewer. Thousand Curug exceed 100 meters high, and looks beautiful and amazing. 3. Curug Ngumpet Hiding Curug has a height about 45 meters, with beautiful natural scenery and beautiful. To go to these attractions, is within a distance of approximately 38 km from Bogor. If the Gunung Sari village is within a distance of approximately 9 km to be continued more or less a path 200 meters. 4. Curug Cigamea In the area of Mount Salak Endah, Curug Cigamea not far from the road leading to Sand Reungit, Crater Queen and to the Curug Thousand. A view so beautiful high although not exceeding 50 meters. The atmosphere feels natural, fresh to be enjoyed. Gusts of wind and sound of water added will make a home here.

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