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Curug in ciapus (nangka, Daun and Kawung)
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Curug in ciapus (nangka, Daun and Kawung)

Ciapus Kabupaten
Bogor - Jawa Barat

More Information:

This tourist location is not far from Sukamantri camping grounds, and is still at the foot of Mount Salak in altitude 750 m. As Sukamantri camping grounds, Here are three curug, curug nangka, curug Daun and curug kawung Admission for one person for a ticket Rp.2000 vehicle while Rp.3000 Facilities are available in Wana Wisata Curug are: shelter, shelter, food stalls, musholah, Toilet, cross on foot, etc.


1. Curug Nangka Jackfruit Curug trip to be taken from Bogor through Ciapus, and continued on foot along the 1.5 km. The main attraction Wana Wisata Jackfruit is Curug waterfall which has 3 stages, each with a height of between 10 -20 m. While the other attraction is the rocky soil conditions under teduhnya Pine tree standing, and mountain streams. browse 2. Curug Daun Curug is not tall but has a decent flow of water. What's interesting is curug leaves its strategic location for the shower. 3. Curug Kawung Curug location is located in the upper reaches of curug Nangka. Distance from leaf to Curug Curug Kawung about 1 km with condition that the path up and down the contours.

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