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Istana Tampak Siring
: 2009-09-11 15:09:45   : 814 total view   : 0 comments   [+] leave comment
Istana Tampak Siring

Desa Tampaksiring. Kecamatan Tampaksiring
Gianyar - Bali

More Information:

Name Tampak siring taken from two Balinese language words, ie appear (which means 'palm') and siring (which means 'crooked'). According to a legend recorded on palm leaves USANA Bali, the name was derived from the footprint of a king named Mayadenawa. King is clever and powerful, but it is anger. He considers himself a god and ordered his people worship him. As a result of the nature Mayadenawa, Batara Indra angry and sent his hosts for menghacurkannya. However, Mayadenawa ran into the woods. In order for the pursuers lost track, he walked with her feet tipped. That way he hoped that the pursuers do not recognize that the trail he left behind was a trail of man, namely Mayadenawa trail. Mayadenawa efforts failed. Eventually he was captured by his pursuers. However, before that, with the remnants of his power he managed to create a toxic spring caused many deaths of his pursuers after they drank water from springs ciptannya it. God Indra also create another spring as the toxic water purification. Water poison bidder was given the name Tirta Empul (which means 'airsuci'). Forest area through which the King Mayadenawa denagn walking on the tilted legs that this area known as the Tampaksiring. Historically, one corner of the region blamed Tampaksiring Palace, overlooking the pool Tirta Empul at the foot of the hill, a building once owned by the Kingdom of Gianyar resort. On land that is now standing Wisma Merdeka, which is part of the Palace first Tampaksiring built. Tampaksiring Presidential Palace stood on the initiative of President I of the Republic of Indonesia, Sukarno, so it can be said Tampaksiring Presidential Palace is the only palace built during the reign of Indonesia. Development palace epidemic began in 1957 until 1960. However, in order to meet the activities of Summit (Summit) XIV ASEAN (ASEAN Summit XIV), held on 7-8 October 2003, Palace Tampaksiring adding the following new building facilities - amenities, the building for the Conference and for the reception. In addition, the court also renovated the building Wantilan Center art show. Tampaksiring Presidential Palace was built in stages. The architect is R.M Soedarsono. The first to be built is the Wisma Merdeka and Wisma Yudhistira, namely in 1957. The next development was carried out in 1958, and all the buildings completed in 1963. Furthermore, for the sake of activity Summit (Summit) ASEAN XIV, which was held in Bali on 7-8 October 2003, the Palace was built a new building for the Conference and its facilities and renovate the Central Wantilan. Now Tampaksiring also provide comfort to the visitors (in the context of tourism) to build a separate entrance equipped with Bentar Temple, Koro the Great, and Central Parking Bengongnya following. Since designs / planned, construction of the Presidential Palace for Tampaksiring functioned resting place for the President of the Republic of Indonesia and their families and for state guests. After the construction of this palace, the first visit and overnight stay at the palace is pemrakarsanya, which President Sukarno. State Guest bertama time staying at this palace was King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand, who visited Indonesia with consort, Queen Sirikit (in 1957). According to records, state guests who visited the Presidential Palace Tampaksiring, among others, is the President Ne Win of Burma (now Myanmar), President Tito of Yugoslavia, President Ho Chi Minh of Vietnam, Prime Minister Nehru of India, Prime Minister of Khruchev Soviet Union, Queen Juliana of the Netherlands, and Hirihito Emperor of Japan.


Tampaksiring Presidential Palace in the village of Sukawati. Sub Sukawati, Gianyar regency, Bali, approximately 40 kilometers from Denpasar, located at an altitude of approximately 700 meters above sea level. Tampaksiring Presidential Palace complex, now consists of five main buildings and one pendapa. Main buildings / Tampaksiring main Presidential Palace was built in scattered over an area of more than 19 hectares. Two major buildings are named Wisma Merdeka and Wisma Negara, three other major buildings are named Wisma Yudhistira, Wisma Bima, and conference rooms, and Wantilan Hall. Wisma Merdeka - size 1200 M2 - consisting of Bedroom I Bedroom II and President, Family Bedroom, Living Room, Workshop, a setting so beautiful, decorated with sculptures and paintings choice. Wisma Negara - the extent of 1476 M2 - consisting of the State Guest Room. The main part of the State House is similar to the main part of Wisma Merdeka; homestead was built on hilly land and the hills that support the homestead are separated by a sufficient gap in the hills (approximately 15 meters). Both the homestead is connected by a bridge 40 meters long by 1.5 meters wide. Guest - guest country of friendly countries, who came to visit for the friendship, always escorted through this bridge from Wisma Merdeka to the State House. That is why, this bridge called the Bridge of Friendship. Yudhistira homestead is situated around the middle of Tampaksiring Palace complex. The extent of 1825 M2. This homestead is a place to stay for the party president or the party guest who was visiting the country to the Palace Tampaksiring; the spaces or rooms to the resort is also the officers who serve the President and his family and guests of the state. Wisma Bima is located in the northwest of Wisma Merdeka; extent of 2000 M2, completed in early 1963. Furniture in it are arranged according to function as a place to rest and petuga guards who serve the President and his family or the guests of the state. Wisma Bima is located in the northwest Wisma Merdeka, the extent of 2000 M2, completed in early 1963. Furniture in it are arranged according to function as a place to rest the guards and officers who serve the President and his family or the guests of the state. Tampaksiring Presidential Palace the following new building facilities. As mentioned, this building was established within the framework of the High Level Conference (Summit) ASEAN XIV held in Tampaksiring on 7-8 October 2003. This building is used for conferences. However, the main hall can also be used as a reception room and a room of state dinners. Facilities of the building was used as a meeting of cabinet space and a meeting of heads of state.

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