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Benteng Somba Opu
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Benteng Somba Opu
Jl Daeng Tata, Kelurahan Benteng Somba Opu, Kecamatan Barombong, Kabupaten Gowa
Gowa - Sulawesi Selatan

More Information:

Somba Opu located 6 km from the central city of Makassar, Somba Opu is the strongest fortress ever built one of the archipelago, and this fort is a witness to history and the persistence of Sultan Hasanuddin people defend his country's sovereignty.

Somba Opu fort built by the Sultan of Gowa to-IX named Daeng Matanre Karaeng Tumapa'risi 'Kallonna in the year 1525. This fortress was built of clay and egg whites instead of cement. In arsitekturial, the fort was rectangular, with a length of about two miles, seven to eight meters high, and the extent of about 1500 hectares. The entire building is lined with a wall of the fort that is thick.

In the mid-16th century Somba Opu a trading center and port of the spice traders who frequently visited by foreigners from Asia and Europe. On June 24, 1669, the fort was occupied by the VOC and then crushed until submerged by the tide wave. In the 1980s, the fort was rediscovered by several scientists. In 1990, the building was reconstructed fort that has been damaged so as to appear more beautiful.
Somba Opu be a very interesting sights, namely as a historic museum serve as storage objects heritage Sultanate of Gowa, South Sulawesi miniature cultural centers such as various custom house tradisinal from all tribes / ethnic southern Sulawesi, and a cannon named " Baluwara Great "all nine yards with a weight of 9500 kg, Inside this complex also Development Exhibition held every year in South Sulawesi.

In addition to his castle Somba Opu is also a souvenir center. Along the road lined up stores selling various souvenirs Khas Makassar (handicrafts woven from bamboo, shell, gold jewelry and small sculpture shaped tarsiers) and snacks (snack cakes, candy, nuts and special dodol Makassar). shops selling typical ointments Makassar.

To reach Fort Somba Opu can be accessed from the central city of Makassar (Field Karebosi) using the public transportation (petepete) or taxi. If you use city transportation, from the Field Karebosi Cenderawasih ride the public transportation department. From Paradise to the changing transport Somba Opu.

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