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Tari Barong Bali
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Tari Barong Bali

This dance is a Pre-Hindu cultural heritage that uses puppets quadruped form or by early humans who have magical powers.

Barong mask made of wood taken from haunted places such as tombs, and therefore sacred objects Barong is a very sacred by the Hindu community in Bali. This dance with or without the script, always begins with the opening performance, accompanied by gamelan. There are several types of barong dance is often performed but for the type of tourism consumption Baring Ket.
Denpasar - Bali

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Barong Ket or Barong Barong dance Keket is the most numerous in Bali and most often performed and has pebendaharaan complete dance. Of his form, Barong Ket is a combination of lion, tiger, cow or Boma. Barong Agency is decorated with carvings made of leather, affixed to a gleaming glass and mirrors made of fur perasok (fiber from leaves of similar kind of pandanus plants), fibers or others of the crow-quill. For Barong dance is carried by two dancers called Saluk Interpreter / Interpreter Bapang, a dancer in the head and the other in the buttocks and tail. Keket Barong is described about the endless battle between virtue (dharma) and bad (adharma) which is a blend that always opposite (rwa bhineda).

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