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Tari Jaranan / Jaran Kepang
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Tari Jaranan / Jaran Kepang

Historically, the origin of art lesson jaranan or braids removed from traditional folklore to the Government of Kediri exactly Amiseno King of the Kingdom Ngurawan, one of the kingdom of Kediri, located in the east of the Brantas River. It is said that the King berputera a very pretty putrid nan unmatched beautiful that can not be described in words Dyah named Ayu Songgolangit. No wonder Songgolangit famous beauty in all over the world so many kings from outside the area who want to marry Kediri it.
Kediri - Jawa Timur

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Sonngolangit has a younger brother who berparas handsome, skilled, and if trengginas in soldiering, named Raden Tubagus Putut. To add insight and knowledge Tubagus Putut Raden on his father's excuses for travel and disguised as ordinary people. Meanwhile in the kingdom, led Bantar oelh Wind King Kelono Sewandono, Raden Tubagus interested in serving Putut / Suwito. Thanks to the ability of heroism if he was appointed as ministers of the kingdom, and given the title of Regent Pujonggo Anom. King Kelono Sewandono heard Dyah Ayu Songgo beauty of Heaven and wants to ask for her hand, then Regent diutuslah Anom Pujonggo to apply to Kediri. Before leaving for Kediri Pujonggo Anom pleaded guidance to the gods so that he does not know his father and brother. In the kingdom come Ngurawan many applicants include King Singo Barong from patihnya accompanied Lodoyo King Singokumbang. Anom Pujonggo arrival to make surprise Songgolangit apply, because although Pujonggoanom wearing a mask, he knew that it was his own brother. Songgolangit facing his father Pujonggo Anom said that it was his own son. Hearing that, the narrative murkalah father. Then the King condemned Pujonggo Anom that the masks worn on the face can not be removed from his face. Anom Pujonggo Songgolangit told that her application was actually for the king of King Kelono Sewandono. Finally Songgolangit issued a Patembaya (contest) that it: He wanted a bridge that does not rest on the ground; If anyone can make a spectacle that does not exist in this universe, and when held to enliven the universe; and headed Pengarak Kediri manten must nglandak sahandape bantala (by underground) to the accompaniment tetabuhan. He who can meet these demands then the creator has the right to marry Dewi Songgolangit as empress. Anom reported Pujonggo Songgolangit request to King Kelono Sewandono. Feeling quite difficult, eventually pleaded meditate both directions of the Supreme Gods. Gods give bantang of bamboo materials, iron and a whip called a whip Samandiman. The bamboo stalks used to make braids horse that symbolizes a bridge that does not rest on the ground, made of iron plate material which tetabuhan pleasant. In a short time and Kelono Sewandono Anom Pujonggo can meet Songgolangit patembaya Goddess. Finally troops of horsemen soldiers Bantar wind to the kingdom of Kediri in accompaniment could be tetabuhan spectacle never seen people oelh Kediri. Thus began the art was named Tari Jaran braid consisting of four people as a dancer who describes ang mandarins were riding in the task of guarding the king. The dance is accompanied by a unit of Javanese gamelan music beats, kenong, kempol, suwukan gongs, trumpet, drums and angklung. On the other hand, King Singo Barong feel preliminaries by King Kelono Sewandono, then flew into a rage Singo Barong and there was war. Kelono Sewandono excel in battle thanks to Samandiman whip. Singo Barong Kelono surrender to Sewandono and could be complementary in jaranan show held in the Kingdom of Kediri, because basically they are very fond of gamelan music. With the inclusion of patihnya Singo Singo Barong and beetles (boar) is fulfilled dancers jaranan six people until now. In addition to a set of gamelan, jaranan performance offerings also need to be provided from the mastermind commonly known jaranan Gambuh include: Incense (frankincense mixed with some perfume and then baked), Buceng (grilled chicken with a male and a few snack market, a coconut and a comb plantains), Kembang cream (containing flowers and blossoms kanthil Kenongo), Ulung-superior (in the form of a rooster sound), Kinangan (a single unit gambier, send, tobacco and lime and pulverized into a pitted with tobacco ). Furthermore the Gambuh the mouth muttering incantations to read while sitting cross-legged in front of the offering to try to communicate with ancestral spirits and ask to sneak into one of the dancers sport jaranan. After the spirit desired by the Gambuh was present and sneak into one of the dancers sport the dancers who have infiltrated the body by the spirit can dance under the realized until long hours because it follows the spirit of breaking the will of the body. While dancing, flowers jaranan fed and drinking water mixed with bran and some have unusual Semprong eat broken glass. In Kediri art Jaranan often displayed to welcome important guests, the inauguration as well as family parties, especially for the event which took place in Sur

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