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Tari Klasik
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Tari Klasik

Cirebon - Jawa Barat

More Information:

Classical dance is one type of dance that developed in the time of the triumph of the Sultanate of Cirebon.
Classical dance was originally held by the nobles or the amazing entertainment at the event, accompanied by gamelan, singer and ronggeng in honor of the great guest, or in a state reception. This dance is only performed by men who represent the male attitude, graceful, orderly and polite as the amazing or bangsaawan.

Broadly speaking there are 3 Classical Dance types:

1. Traditional dance (dance Baksa, Sintren, Lais, etc.)
2. Classical Dance Cirebon (mask dance, Ludaya, lengep, gatot glass, etc..)
3. Creative Modern Dance (dance Peacock, Deer, Butterfly hood, etc..)

Which belong to the Classical Dance is dance Lenyepan, Ponggawa dance, dance dance Gawil included in Tayuban dance. Waditra or percussion instruments used, saron, successors, bonang jengglang, tutukan gong, etc..
Penyekarannya area or development environments, especially in Cirebon Kraton Kesepuhan Region III Region.

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